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A Meeberg open top container; top-load cargo with ease!

If you need to transport cargo that needs to be top-loaded, a Meeberg open top container is the perfect solution. This company offers various types of open top container, both for rental and sale purposes. Meeberg also conducts refurbishment and rebuilding work on used containers, creating custom-made transportation solutions at an excellent price point. If you want to transport large cargo, an open top container is the perfect solution. Meeberg offers these in both standard height construction and special High Cube construction, in lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet. A High Cube container has about 30 centimeters of extra height over a regular open top container, clocking in at 2,55 meters in height. This makes it excellently suited for transporting outsize cargo. Meeberg can custom-build a container to meet your exact requirements, constructing a refurbished open top model entirely in-house. If you have a specific order you’d like fulfilled, discuss it with Meeberg’s experienced staff.

Meeberg: tankcontainers for any application

If your business requires a tankcontainer, various factors must be determined before construction can begin; the fluid medium it will contain, the required capacity, et cetera. Meeberg’s team of experienced professionals with leverage their extensive knowledge of tankcontainer construction to your benefit. By guiding you through the purchasing process step by step, they will deliver a tailor-made tankcontainer, finished in your company livery and logo if you so desire. Meeberg will always provide you with a technical drawing and a technical specification sheet for your custom container. That way you can rest assured your tankcontainer meets your exact requirements.

A globally renowned container company with decades of experience

35 years of experience gives this family owned company the means to be a worldwide service partner to all of its clients. The respected business portfolio that Meeberg has cultivated over the years has its roots in reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise & commitment. What has that left them with? A customer base in more than 70 countries, across 6 continents – no small achievement! Ready to become the next satisfied customer of Meeberg’s impeccable service? Get in touch today!