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Aries in love

Aries in love

Like their ruling planet Mars, Widder is hot and stormy. They are a combination of confidence and passion combined with mood and irritability. Anyone who has ever loved an Aries tries, unsuccessfully but excitingly, to tame them.

This wild and flirty fire sign is sure to take the initiative when it comes to romance. They are fast moving when someone catches their attention. But to hold an Aries attention, that person needs to be as energetic and exciting as they are. This passionate sign loves adventure. So don’t confuse an Aries restlessness with boredom. It’s not a zodiac sign that should rather be somewhere else (or with someone else). It’s a zodiac sign that wants to pick up the pace!

Whirlwind romances are common for Aries. But once love starts, it’s generally for life. As long as there is enough spice and excitement to get the blood pumping, the relationship will be strong and long lasting.

How to make love to an Aries

Shamelessly flirtatious and daring, Aries is one of the wildest signs in bed — and the best way to get them there is to focus on the body part ruled by Aries: the head.

During foreplay, an Aries man likes a gentle but firm kiss on his eyelids or forehead, or even a head massage. An Aries female loves to play with her hair, as well as to be touched on the neck and whispered in her ears. Try handcuffs or blindfolds – sensory deprivation done right can feel super sensual to Aries. And don’t be shy. Ram likes to set the bar a little higher. Impress them by saying exactly what you want and they will go wild.

When you love an Horoscope Aries women

Give her plenty of space. For her, just because she reads it as checking, check-ins aren’t fun. And while she enjoys spending time with you, it is very important to her that she maintains her sense of self. If she’s always been mountain biking on the weekends, don’t expect her to be happy when you announce that you’ve bought your own bike and would like to join her. Spending a few hours apart on Saturday will only make your time together more passionate.

How to talk to an Aries women

Keep things fair. She’d much rather hear what’s going on in your head than listen to comments about how wonderful she is. An Aries woman always wants the best in everything and will never stop striving. Be a sounding board, give (honest!) advice when asked, and don’t expect her to choose between you and a project. An Aries woman has a super focus and it is impossible and unfair to get her attention when she is working on a project she is passionate about. Know that the attention will eventually return to you. If you feel ignored, tell her. Don’t react passive-aggressively – that’s one of her annoyances.