Get the best drying result with this belt dryer

Do you have moist products that you want to turn into dry materials? Dutch Dryers BV, a company specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial drying systems for a various range of applications, has an effective solution. This solution is called a belt dryer. Do you want to dry your products before you pack and transport them? You probably want this to happen as fast as possible. With a belt dryer, this is no problem. Because the belt dryers are developed and manufactured in-house, this specialist ensures you the best quality and a quick delivery. The team has many years of experience in the drying field.

A fast way to create dry products

A belt dryer is a great and fast way to turn your moist materials into dry ones. With a belt dryer, a temperature of 50 °C is sufficient to achieve a good drying result. This dryer works by transporting the materials on a moving conveyor belt, while hot air is sucked through the materials in order to dry. In fact, a belt dryer is a very sustainable solution when a minimal drying capacity is required. An advantage of a belt dryer is that it gives you some extra time do to other important things. You don’t have to sit around and wait until your materials are dry.

Discuss the possibilities with this professional

Are you interested in a belt dryer so you can enjoy great drying results? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with Dutch Dryers BV. This expert would be pleased to work out a business case made especially for your organisation, no matter where you are located. Contact the employees and discover what this expert has to offer you. You can also discuss the possibilities and your requirements. No matter what, this professional will offer you a high-quality belt dryer.

A experienced and knowledgeable material handling equipment supplier

As a company, you might be in dire need of an automated system in your company that deals with the handling of your equipment and material. This is where J-Tec can help you. As a company, it is active since 1970, developing automated material handling systems and process engineering solutions. Throughout these years, they have honed their skills and knowledge as a material handling equipment supplier. This means that they work flexibly on all their various projects and services, particularly focusing on the wishes and demands of their customers. As they are supplier independent, they are not looking to integrate possible products into your systems, but merely want what works best for you.

By your side during the whole process

When picking J-Tec as your partner for a material handling equipment supplier, they will be by your side during the entirety of the development of the project. Starting with the initial conceptual designs, they will have various discussions with you and like to analyze the current working conditions and production process. After that the detailed engineering will follow, with multiple experienced specialists working the case. When a prototype is approved, the procurement and manufacturing can start, which will be followed by the installation and commission of the solution. Every step of the way, this team of specialists will guide you and inform you about the process and the next phases.

Contact the team for more information

Would you like to count on J-Tec as your material handling equipment supplier? Then feel free to get in contact with them and to book an appointment. During this first meeting, you can inform them about your situation and what you would like to change or improve. This way, they can get to work immediately on enhancing the situation and developing a bespoke solution.

Discover high-quality whey protein concentrates from an experienced manufacturer

Are you looking for some high-quality whey protein concentrates? Interfood Holding B.V. provides whey protein concentrates for a variety of manufacturing processes. The high-quality products differ in composition, have a creamy flavour and are developed with great care and expertise. Interfood Holding B.V. is not only a manufacturer of this product, the company also offers a variety of different dairy products. Over the last 45 years they have built up a lot of experience and have offered their products and services to suppliers and customers active in various fields. Discover how the manufacturer can be of service to you!

Whey protein supplements for weight loss and muscle growth

Whey protein concentrates that are manufactured by Interfood Holding B.V. are prepared with expertise. The concentrates are produced from sweet cheese whey by processes, such as ultra-filtration, evaporation and spray dying. The proteins make up for almost 20% of the milk and the powder has a sweet milky flavour, which is very tasteful. Whey protein is considered to be low in lactose, but full in taste and high in levels of nutrition. Generally, people consume the protein concentrates as a supplement to help improve muscle growth or reinforce weight loss. Interfood Holding B.V. puts a lot of care in manufacturing high-quality whey protein concentrates and their effort shows. The manufacturer has been a leading company in the production of this particular protein concentrate. They also keep evolving and introducing new high-quality solutions.

Get in touch to learn more

Are you interested in buying whey protein concentrates from a well-established and experienced manufacturer? Contact the company to order the products you would like to buy. Do you have any questions about the products? Or would you like to receive personal advice, tailored to your specific situation? Get in touch with the professionals and discover how the company can be of service to you (and your company).

A trustworthy aircrafts parts supplier helps you to take off quickly

When you need aircraft parts, you are looking for a supplier who works according to strict rules and guidelines. Think of the ISO 9001:2015 certifications or any other safety regulations that have to be met. GAPS AERO, a Dutch company based in Alphen aan den Rijn, meets all these requirements to make sure you only receive high-quality aircraft parts from your trusted supplier. All of the aviation and aircraft parts you order with this supplier will be delivered quickly thanks to their centrally located warehouse facility near Schiphol Airport. The experts over at GAPS AERO operate an innovative logistic solution to make sure you are airborne as soon as possible.

Make use of the additional services

GAPS AERO is your one-stop solution when you are looking for an aircraft parts supplier. They deliver worldwide support on a 24/7 basis, meaning that you can always count on their services wherever you are and whenever you need. In addition, the warehouse facility of this supplier is enormous with 10.000 square feet of aircraft parts. If they do not have the right part in stock, they start looking for it! However, the production and distribution of aircraft parts is not the only service this supplier offers. You can also think of operations and services such as:

  • Selling and purchasing consignment stock so it does not take up any space or finances in your company.
  • Base maintenance skills, helping your personnel to maintain the quality and safety of your aircrafts.
  • Spare parts provisioning, making sure you never fall without the most important parts.

Contact these experts

Would you like to be informed about the possible services of GAPS AERO or are you in need of aircraft parts from a trustworthy supplier? Do not hesitate to contact the experts of GAPS AERO! They are more than happy to help and inform you. You can find the contact information on their website.

Gain more control over the process with breeding software

If you are a breeder of crops, vegetables or fruit, you would like to know the full scale of your production capabilities. At Agro Business Solutions BV, they can provide breeding software that can be safely accessed from multiple locations at the same time. The biggest advantage of this software is the ease and control you gain over your company. The workflow guides breeders through the entire work process. The user-friendly environment brings together the activities and results of you breeding facilities. Of course, every company works differently which is why Agro Business Solutions BV can tailor the application to your specific circumstances. That is why a large variety of international agricultural companies have already implemented this intuitive solution.

The ultimate way to streamline your production

By instantly producing reports and graphs about your production processes, you have a clear overview of where the strengths and weaknesses lie. By gaining this information, you can swiftly intercept on the line where it is most necessary and streamline the production process quickly. You can enter, check and analyze every single change very easily. The breeding software by Agro Business Solutions BV is a cost-friendly application, that does not require an IT-infrastructure to be in place. The insights you will gain from this particular investment are absolutely worth the cost.

Contact them and enjoy their elegant solution

Would you like to implement the breeding software from Agro Business Solutions BV into your agricultural company? Then feel free to contact the employees of this company and inform yourself about the various possibilities. They will gladly help you along the way and ask about the particulars of your production line. This way, they can ensure a solution that is perfectly tailored to your specific infrastructure and system. Using the software and expertise that they provide is absolutely the right decision.

A true specialist in cryogenic valves that guarantees the best tailor-made solution

When you are looking for a reliable and specialized supplier of cryogenic valves, the company Red Point is the one you need. They provide you with valves that fully meet your requirements and guarantee safety and quality in your applications. Because their specialists understand that every unique system needs its own valves, they always offer you a tailor-made and high-quality solution. Moreover, all of their valves are from European origin and supplied with extremely short delivery times. Because they always keep an eye on their own production quality, you are ensured of cryogenic valves that are fully designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1.

This product range includes various valves for many applications

Cryogenic valves are needed to keep cryogenic gasses secure and safely contained. Their excellent resistance to extremely low temperatures (well below 100⁰F) and their capability to prevent leaks, make these valves perfect components for various engineering applications. You can find a large variety of valves, including those for cryogenic applications, at Red Point. Their range includes, among others, ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves. They are also available in various sizes and pressure classes. This way, you will always find the right valves for your system applications. They can even be customized by the specialists of this company, on the basis of your requirements.

Ask for advice or request a quote

Do you need advice about the application of specific cryogenic valves from Red Point? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists for the best possible result. They are happy to give you professional and personal advice and provide you with the best options for your systems. You will find all valve products on their website, with which you can inquire after the possibilities. If you are looking for a specific valve conform your specifications, you can also directly request a quote.

A tailer-made blister packing machine for your company

Are you looking for a blister packing machine that meets to your demands? When you are a company in the primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging sector, a blister packing machine an unnecessary luxury. It could happen that you need a specific or a tailer-made machine for your activities. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is get in touch with an experienced company like GTE-engineering. This company develop creative and independent innovations such as a blister packing machine. They have a lot of knowledge and want to make sure that your company has the right machine. They help several companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

This company provides the best machine for your activities

When you are a company that needs a tailor-made blister packing machine, you probably have a number of wishes of needs for the machine. At GTE-engineering they listen to you and make sure that you’ll have the perfect machine. For them it is important to know what your activities are and in what sector your company works in. They also need to know what kind of products you want to pack. It’s important to keep all the regulations in mind when you are packaging. This company knows everything about these regulations. They develop safe machines according to the wishes of their customers for the assembly, packaging, and handling of medical devices. With all the information your company provides they create the best blister packing machine for your company.

Get in touch with their experts

Are you interested in a blister packing machine and do you want to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want to know more about GTE-engineering? Just get in touch with their experts and they can give you all the information you need. They can inform you about the several options. At the website of this company you can also read more information about the making of a blister packing machine