RAVAS is the leading manufacturer

Warehouses and distribution offices require a well-planned workspace. Things like incoming and outgoing goods need to be registered, weighed and placed. Every load that comes in and goes out needs to be checked on weight to prevent picking errors which takes the most time. Did you know that you can save a lot of time during this process? Choose forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS. Scale is integrated into the forklift, this means that there is no need for a fixed floor scale where you take the load to. With forklift weighing scales you weigh where you want, and when you want at all times.

Forklift weighing scales are 100% recyclable

Do you want to improve the efficiency within your warehouse and are you looking for the best way to do this? Use the forklift weighing scales from a specialist. RAVAS is the leading manufacturer of these unique products. These mobile scales save you money, time and manpower, while being 100% recyclable. This means that, when worn out, the forklift weighing scales will be removed and recycled by the standards of the country that you live in. Did you know that the management system of RAVAS is certified according to ISO? This means that the customers of RAVAS know that the forklift weighing scales meet their expectations.

Full return on initial investment with forklift weighing scales within months

Investing in new equipment does always raise several questions. Is the amount of money worth it? How long does it take to get the return on investment? Investing in forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS answers those questions. While saving time and manpower in the weighing process, the forklift weighing scales have a full return on initial investment, in just a couple of months. They calculated that a mobile scale saves up to 200 manhours a year, which is around 48 minutes of work per day. The truck will earn itself back in around three months!