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A experienced and knowledgeable material handling equipment supplier

As a company, you might be in dire need of an automated system in your company that deals with the handling of your equipment and material. This is where J-Tec can help you. As a company, it is active since 1970, developing automated material handling systems and process engineering solutions. Throughout these years, they have honed their skills and knowledge as a material handling equipment supplier. This means that they work flexibly on all their various projects and services, particularly focusing on the wishes and demands of their customers. As they are supplier independent, they are not looking to integrate possible products into your systems, but merely want what works best for you.

By your side during the whole process

When picking J-Tec as your partner for a material handling equipment supplier, they will be by your side during the entirety of the development of the project. Starting with the initial conceptual designs, they will have various discussions with you and like to analyze the current working conditions and production process. After that the detailed engineering will follow, with multiple experienced specialists working the case. When a prototype is approved, the procurement and manufacturing can start, which will be followed by the installation and commission of the solution. Every step of the way, this team of specialists will guide you and inform you about the process and the next phases.

Contact the team for more information

Would you like to count on J-Tec as your material handling equipment supplier? Then feel free to get in contact with them and to book an appointment. During this first meeting, you can inform them about your situation and what you would like to change or improve. This way, they can get to work immediately on enhancing the situation and developing a bespoke solution.