Local legal counsel all across the world with this law network

Are you in need of legal assistance for a dispute that needs to be settled? Or would you like to get some legal advice regarding your internationally operating organisation? In both cases, and many more, LawExchange International is the appropriate choice for you. LawExchange International is an association of independent member firms that cover that ensure their clients of local legal counsel across the world. Make sure to read on to find out how the quality of your legal advice is assured.

Be certain of high quality legal advice

At the member firms of LawExchange International, the quality of the clients’ needs are reassured with protocols. You are always certain of an advice that meets the highest quality standards. Be guaranteed of timely, efficiently and effectively met needs when working with one of the member firms of this global law network. What can you expect of these protocols?

  • If work is referred to another member firm in the law network, this will be done so in a clarified and orderly manner.
  • Attorneys at any member firm in the global law network are allowed to get thirty minutes of free preliminary consultation from other member firms on your behalf.
  • The attorneys all work according to high integrity protocols. This means the referred matters are on time, on budget, efficient staffing is available, there is advanced communication if time and/or budget cannot be made and there is an indemnity insurance proper for jurisdiction.
  • The quality of the work is warranted by training, experience and supervision.
  • There are clear procedures if one of the above protocols is not met. This results in quick resolving of any disagreements.

Experience the advantages of worldwide assistance

The member firms all possess knowledge of their local legal system. Therefore, this law network is valuable for organisations that are present in foreign markets and thus need guidance navigating local laws, procedures, cultures and many more. So, if there are questions or disputes that require legal advice, make sure to contact the law network of LawExchange International.