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Discover high-quality whey protein concentrates from an experienced manufacturer

Are you looking for some high-quality whey protein concentrates? Interfood provides whey protein concentrates for a variety of manufacturing processes. The high-quality products differ in composition, have a creamy flavor, and are developed with great care and expertise. Interfood is not only a manufacturer of this product, the company also offers a variety of different dairy products. Over the last 45 years, they have gained a lot of experience and have offered their products and services to suppliers and customers active in various fields. Discover how this manufacturer can be of service to you!

Whey protein supplements for weight loss and muscle growth

Whey protein concentrates manufactured by Interfood are prepared with expertise. The concentrates are produced from sweet cheese whey by processes such as ultra-filtration, evaporation, and spray dying. The proteins make up for almost 20% of the milk and the powder has a sweet milky flavor, which is very tasteful. Whey protein is considered to be low in lactose but rich in taste and high in nutritional levels. Generally, people consume the protein concentrates as a supplement to help improve muscle growth or reinforce weight loss. Interfood puts a lot of care in manufacturing high-quality whey protein concentrates and their effort definitely shows. This manufacturer has been a leading company in the production of this particular protein concentrate in the global market. They also keep improving their services by introducing new high-quality solutions.

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Are you interested in buying whey protein concentrates from a well-established and experienced manufacturer? Contact Interfood to order the products of your liking. Do you have any questions about their products? Or would you like to receive personal advice, tailored to your specific situation? Get in touch with the professionals and discover how the company can be of service to you (and your company).