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NBA Live Mobile – Get ready for the Daily Shootaround live event

Daily Shootaround is an NBA Live Mobile live event that rewards players with a token per day and grants them a Pro Pack in exchange for five tokens.

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 is starting to settle in and players are already getting familiar with the new features and changes. Live events, one of the most played activities in Season 1, is still a part of the game with more content and, of course, even more rewards. The live events system was tweaked to accommodate the new lineup system. Players will notice there are live events that use the classic lineup and live events that use the NBA lineup. Daily Shootaround is a Season 1 live event that is available to play in Season 2 as well. After all, players were promised that their favorite live events won’t go away.

Players first need to navigate to the live events map from the home screen or from the side panel menu. Once the live events map is open, they should look for the event named “Daily Shootaround”. Each Daily Shootaround event has a 24 hours time limit. The remaining time can be seen under its name. Tapping on the event reveals details, rewards, and requirements. Players will get coins and a special token that has the same name as the event the first time they complete it.

The event is free to play, meaning that it has no stamina fee. As the name implies, the event is available each day. The event is very easy to win so it’s a great opportunity for beginners to get some nba live mobile coins as rewards. It only takes a couple of minutes to win the event and the Daily Shootaround token. After players have acquired five event tokens they will be able to claim a Pro Pack. This pack costs 7,500 coins and 150 NBA cash. Three basketball players are found in this pack: one bronze, one silver, and one gold. This event gives players a chance to get one Pro Pack every five days for free. The obtained player can be used to improve the team or to train other players.

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