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This is how you get a grip on your chaotic life – 3 tips

Life tends to chaos. And you prefer to see order. With these tips you can get a grip on your life.

1. Get some extra guidance

More and more people looking to the stars and cards for guidance, and not without a reason. Sometimes it good to find a deeper insight and understanding into our personality and everyday challenges. It tells us about all qualities of ourselves, good or bad. It can help you understand how and why you do things and how to harness the best aspects of your personality for self-improvement. Next to self-improvement, it can also help us understand others which can lead to improved communication with friends and family. It can help you deal with difficult or challenging situations in life as it can tell you when there is bad energy in different aspects of your life, and where best to focus your attention in the present moment. Want to discover more about astrology? Start with a free horoscope and find out what the stars foretell. The same goes for tarot. Do you want to get acquainted with this in an easy way? Then try online tarot.

2. Clear your mind

The less you think, the calmer you feel. By removing flying thoughts from your head you feel calmer and less chaotic. Use an app on your phone to record ideas, tasks, reminders and plans. And come back to this during your weekly planning. This way you can be sure that you don’t forget anything, and you can let go of flying thoughts quickly. Another way to make your head emptier is to meditate for a few minutes every day.

3. Adopt the “one by one” mentality

We feel overwhelmed when we want to do several things at once. It is best to keep several projects going in your life, as long as you approach them with the “one by one mentality”.

How? Easy:

–          Stop multi-tasking. Work on one task at a time. And do it with full attention. Do not move to the next task until the first task is complete.

–          Reduce distractions. Set your phone to silent by default. Disable notifications for social media, email and news apps. Reduce clutter in your living and working environment. Create an environment where you can focus on one thing at rest.

–          Break down big tasks, problems and projects. This way you make it manageable for yourself. You can then complete the small tasks one by one, instead of all at once.

–          Take a moment and think about what you are trying to achieve. Take a moment to determine the outcome you want to see. This creates more clarity and makes it easier to move forward.